Client Success Stories

Mind & Body

She’s probably going to kill me for this but I’ll ask for forgiveness later because her story is not one of a straight line. We’re not all the way there and heck we’ve had set backs along the way. Sometimes programs don’t give you what you want right away but some programs are able to give you just enough of what you “need!” Erin came to us at first with a completely distended gut that made her look pregnant all the time. She had some issues prior to competing and then competing lifestyle and diet just crashed her system. Terrible anxiety and fatigue plagued her. What was worse was the fear. Lots of transition going on in her life with all kinds of opportunity but she was so busy hating her body and fearing change that she couldn’t see all the blessings.
Success Story 9.jpeg
Here is a very pretty, driven, and just a straight out beautiful person that was so caught in the anxiety and over focus on her body that it drove her sad and a little hopeless. Our progress has been good functionally, and her body is changing but we’re still figuring out what’s causing the distention. It’s better but it’s not perfect. She’s working our 12-principle health coaching system more of them mind then of the body. Focusing on principles like mindfulness, acceptance, positivity, and consistency to those principles daily. It had helped her body because her mind is improving and allowing her body to change under less stress. We’re doing gene tests and gut tests to tie it all together but in the mean time we’ve made enough progress to slow down and enjoy her very special day that she deserves. And was able to fit into her wedding dress and look great! She is so committed to the mental game and making improvements even after having bad days. This transformation cannot be summed up in photo form. I’m so proud of her. The biggest fight people will never see on your body or know what it took in your mind. But I know, and I had to let others know to. Because she amazing. And I think you will see that too. Have a wonderful honeymoon and remember to soak all these moments in free of what held you in the past.

Taking Control Back

Andy M killing his program in just 10 weeks. Andy wakes up one day and realized his health was tanking and gut growing. Stress and life as a hardworking family man can make you miss the obvious.
Success Story 8.jpeg
Many of us feel too “tired,” to do anything about it. But Andy took action and it has made all the diff! We jumped his energy back up with your flush protocol and then right into a performance plan.
My man is working hard and in conjunction with the great training programs over MWA Performance it’s a one-two much knock out combination. Great job Andy. More to come!

PCOS Fighter

PCOS is a health condition that affects nearly 10 million women in the world. The exact cause is unknown and it is considered hormonal related. Genetics and environmental factors are believed to be involved in the development of PCOS.
Success Story 10.jpeg
Meet Jackie B. Only 6 weeks into her program based around our 3-step process. Jackie has PCOS which includes Insulin resistance. She’s a fighter. She’s incredibly inspiring and Brave- she’s stronger than herself conscience ways and bravely allowed us to share her journey with you, and her progress in hopes that you, will find the courage to fight for what you deserve. To be in control of your PCOS. Jackie is down 10 lbs and has lost over 24 inches! Jackie is no longer on birth control and is off all medications!

Blood Pressure Down & Physique Up

Keep your head down and move forward till “someday” becomes “today”! Congrats Dan Wingate! Dropped his blood pressure meds in half, no more fatigue, and the aesthetic results are phenomenal in about 3 months.
Success Story 7.jpeg
Danny had some tragedies occur that would make many of us give up. When you become depressed you begin to recede from social engagement, eat more food, engage in many unhealthy lifestyle choices, and then the mounting burden of poor health looks like an unbeatable mountain and it’s at that point you have a choice. Give up or say f@&$ that and take the first step forward, one day at a time, and don’t look back. Don’t allow any excuses, do not give yourself a way out no matter how hard, how convenient, or how understandable that excuse may be. It’s still going to hold you back. Great work brother, proud of you!

PCOS Maintaince and Medication Free!

One of my favorite clients. Meet Tara Reece. Winning the battle against PCOS. Some clients impress you with their will and determination. Tara didn’t just fix her nutrition, she changed her life entirely.
Success Storie 1.jpg
From an early age there were fears that kept her from making change. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of change itself. Most physical problems start with a psychological root. Either a trauma, misbelief, misinformation, or imbalance that leads to, or is aggravated by other functional or genetic factors. At the heart ofevery lifestyle induced disease there are psychological co factors that need to change in order to be fully healed.
If I fix the body but the mind stays the same you will inevitably return to your old lifestyle habits and the condition will return. Syndromes or diseases like PCOS, the only thing that needs to change..... is everything. It’s like learning to live life all over again with new principles, responsibilities, and boundaries.
We’ve had to relearn how to eat, exercise, deal with stress, manage the day to day, set principles in place to prevent a back slide, and to eliminate negative people, places, and things to be apart of more positive environment.
At the core of it all Tara was unhappy with herself. But there was a dragon in there, waiting to come out and do something different. All we had to do was give her the way and she took off with it! Now medication free and feeling great she will handle some of the journey on her own with the principles we have taught her. The battle to beat this syndrome takes a long time. Tara has been with us for close to a year but now it’s on to maintenance in the program and her pushing for self-improvement in her new life one day at a time. I’m very proud of her. She’s a different person and this process will leave an impact on her for the rest of her life and I’m humbled I could be apart of it.

New Spirit = New Clothes
Success Stories 2.jpg
Great team effort with Steve and Dynamic coach Tamesha Calloway.
God love em, but sometimes you have to know when to let GO! Steve Benintendi came to me in January dehydrated, lethargic, uncomfortable at his current weight (5'8", 208) and wearing the pants in the photo. They were tight then! Now, 11.5" lost (5" in just his waistline), 25.5lbs down and 13.6% body fat gone - we're feeling better than ever and ready to move to the next phase. Great job Steve!! Now go shopping!

Flush, Feed & Function to a Better You

Meet our glowing client, Jocelyn Smith- not so glowing when she first came to us. But we both knew she had so much potential and by applying nutrition and lifestyle changes.... we’ll, just look at Jocelyn- results speak volumes!
Success Story 3.jpg
Jocelyn came to our Centerville location. With many of the common symptoms of a driven, high paced woman- a go getter, driven mentality. The fatigue, stomach issues, bloating, water retention, and lack of metabolism had left her frustrated and ready to work. Many women don’t realize but stress hormone cortisol and blood sugar irregularity can cause hormonal imbalance that changes the ph of your gut and skin, bringing on bacteria that cause acne.
She followed and went through our 3 step Flush, Feed, and Function program.
Each program has different activities, workouts, nutritional strategies, stress management techniques, and supplementation. But she is accelerating in every part of her program and we are far ahead of schedule.
She’s able to work long hours and come home and still be productive. No bloating or stomach pain. She’s happier & healthier then she’s been in a long time. And as a trickle down effect, her weight has dropped fast and her skin tone and clarity has changed dramatically. These are just side effects of putting the body back in balance.
It all starts with the core- your internal communication and we at Nutrition Dynamic heal from the inside out. We let the results speak volumes- showcase our success and our clients are thriving as we speak.

With guidnce all is possible

Christina, just like many women wasn't always overweight; But with school, marriage, eating poorly, stress, and maybe a little too much partying it slowly crept up to her till she didn't recognize her body anymore.
Sucess Story 6.jpg
Christina said when she took her first photo she really could see how much she let herself go and was determined to change it.
Starting at 142 she struggled at first. So in our bi-weekly health coaching sessions where we measured her body fat and tailored a menu designed for how her body is changing and what her goals were, we decided to add personal training twice a week and she took off and never looked back.
Congrats Christina, she proves that school, work, and stress can't stop you if you fully invest yourself and make the change.
Here's to a bright and healthy future.

Learn to Let Go
The chronic dieter, the over-analyzer. The over trained and under nourished. The harsh diets and high stress. The hcg to Atkins, to low fat, to paleo, to keto, to medications, to fasting, to starvation, to intuitive, back to paleo. When will it end. When will it stop. Searching, hopeless, angry, sad, and full of anxiety. Tell me, when will the madness end. How many times are you going to do it to yourself? Then the fatigue, pain, bloating, hormone issues begin to set in.... what then?
Now you’re overweight and unhealthy.... all the while “dieting.” How the heck did that happen🤷🏼‍♂️. What do I do now??? Take a good look at @lpettitte. She’s lost maybe 2 lbs. Body has changed a little. But in 2 months that’s not the goal. The first thing you gotta do is let go. Let go of your will. Your will is ruining you. It’s time to surrender... surrender that these conventional “fads,” have done damage and it’s time for a change. The only thing that has to change is everything. It starts with how you treat yourself. Starving yourself, negative self talk, over analyzing and obsessing on the small imperfections. Its time to get big picture. You can’t survive this if you stay here. It’s at that point restoration is possible.
We have to stop the progression of the dysfunction and it starts with “you”! We have to begin to eat and find balance. A restoration both metabolic and psychologic is necessary. If you read this post and don’t get it then you don’t suffer from it. Please pass on by. But to those who read this and see themselves, I’m talkin to you. Words can not express how proud I am of Laura. It takes a badass to drop it all and step up to heal their body. Leave the unmanageability and begin recovery! #createimpact

New Health = New Confidence
Now you’re overweight and unhealthy.... all the while “dieting.” That smile in the second photo. That’s not just cause she’s smaller. That’s Self Acceptance and Confidence.
PCOS and Hashimoto’s is not a life sentence! @evie_takacs. Her entire body has a whole new structure. No more living unconformable in her cloths. No more being embracing moments being uncomfortable in a bikini on vacation. See those things hit home I’m sure. But let’s go deeper. The core issue here is self love and self acceptance. Pictures don’t do the work she’s done on the inside. See I can make you look better but if your still feeling ugly on the inside nothing is going to stop you from chasing the next thing you think will make you happy. Only way she gets to this point is a dynamic lifestyle. Working on the mind and body at the same time. I’d suggest a little “spirit,” in there to😉. But hey 🤷🏼‍♂️. We had to constantly work assignments that affirmated her. That made her look at all the small changes and be grateful till the bigger changes fell into play. She’s still working on her health and self image after 7 months of hard work. This process takes time. But follow the evidence. If it works then it’s “this time for the last time!” #createimpact

Beauty Statrs from Within
She had tried everything for acne before but never from within. Remember, your gut health will show warning signs all over your body if something is out of whack. Acne is one of those signs.
Meet @beautyandbananas one of our followers who had quite the skin transformation- Stephanie had hormonal acne - usually cystic like bumps along the jaw line and chin area. Stephanie took our hormonal Protocol for Acne post we did and applied our suggestions to her daily regimen and she’s absolutely glowing inside and out!
Hormone Protocol for Acne: Start by supporting your liver- it is the king of flushing out unwanted toxins. We all are toxic- it’s just a matter of how much. Try:
• dandelion root tea •milk thistle
•stay away from excess caffeine and no alcohol Balance the bacteria in your gut.
•incorporate fermented foods
•add a probiotic to your daily Create a consistent workout and sleep schedule.
•sleep helps with cortisol levels and exercise can too Drink lemon and cayenne tea every morning. Take a probiotic Try zinc and omega 3’s Filtered water We also like chlorophyl, turmeric masks- recipes to come. Limit dairy- this tends to be a trend in flair ups on the skin, as dairy can be highly inflammatory in most individuals. Share your transformations with us! Tag away and if you need further health coaching- we’re just a message away from helping you flourish and reach your full potential!

Gut health is Total HEALTH
For those struggling with unbearable distention and bloating, clients like Amanda should give you strength to hang on.
For many women all it takes is one high stress event or series of stressors in a row to knock out your immune system and let the bad bacteria in to set up shop. Most women who run high with anxiety, stress, and low calorie with high activity lifestyles are extremely susceptible to bacterial migrations of bad bacteria, yeast or fungal infections, or just poor digestive function that leads to severe bloating.
Amanda had always had some stomach issues but when faced with a series of deaths near her the issue became unbearable. Amanda did her best to find solutions so when I met her she was on bio identical hormone pellets and thyroid medication, but yet her fatigue, anxiety, fat gain, bloating, pain, and metabolic resistance were at all time highs. Nothing was working. The harder she tried to fix it herself the worse it seemed to get.
We decided to get right to our 3 phase process for the gut and also look at a 23andMe genetics study to look for the underlying cause of the stress and gut damage connection. Amanda had gene markers like COMT, MTRR, and SOD that impact gut/stress pathways. She was more susceptible to stress induced gut dysfunction then most and that’s what happened. So we have been running our gut protocol along with nutrients that nutritionally support pathways block by her genetic markers and the success is staggering. We have more to do. Really tough gut cases are fixed in plan stages. And we are still rooting out some stomach inflammation at times of high stress. But 95 percent of the issues are gone! No medications, no distention, she’s down 12 lbs and has way more energy to live life again. Amanda did all the things I asked her to do even when at first more bloating would come and go. It’s never a straight line of progress.
Fixing one thing can flair up another until you can get to it. But it’s a process. A process that works. Thank you for believing in us Amanda! #createimpact

Breaking the Norm to Restore Health
Adrenal fatigue, metabolic damage, SIBO, IBS, you name it. We LOVED her testimonial so much we wanted to share it with you! “my hopes in sharing this is that I reach the girl whose in the shoes I was in. who bought in to the whole “eat less, exercise more” gig. who was #sweatingforthewedding to the extreme or hitting under 1200 calories a day.
This is no secret to y’all, I’ve shared this countless times. But I want to put a spotlight on the things no one really tells us as women. No one talks about the repercussions and consequences (both physically AND mentally) of doing this to your body. After almost being on the other side now, theres now a fire lit inside me to bring awareness cause this is a very real issue and I think it’s something we need to talk about .
I dealt with amenorrhea off and on for 2 years, gut issues - IBS flares and SIBO- extreme fatigue, hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, weight gain, inflammation, water retention, metabolic resistance- you name it. But enough is enough. For both me and you. You don’t need to be at war with your body. I’ve been working with Vince from @nutrition_dynamicfor almost a month now to try and heal my metabolism, and as I have told y’all- for the last two weeks I stopped intense exercise, ate more than I really have in years, and followed an individualized protocol to cleanse and clear my liver & optimize my metabolism. Still some work left to do, but rest, food, and slower living has done nothing but wonders for my body (and my mind).

our bodies are like cars- we can’t expect them to drive 1000s of miles with little to no gas. If you’re working out hard- fuel that machine properly. give it rest when it needs it, and try to slow down from this “go go go” life we’ve become forced to live. If this sounds familiar, know you’re not alone and PLEASE reach out. “

This time for the last time
The journey from 340 to 160 and back to 204. Some stories you just really root for! When @physiquefighter told me her sorry. How she got up to 340 and busted her tail to get down to 160 only for her metabolism and body to start to fail and the weight was starting to come back on. I told myself we gotta win this one.
She was doing 1.5 hrs of training and cardio with a low carb program and gaining weight😩. Hanging on trying to stop the inevitable return to a high weight. She’s was now back up to 204 and in her pursuit of weight loss she also lost her metabolism, digestion was failing and acid reflux, bloating, water retention was getting bad. Everything she ate made her stomach hurt. She hoped on birth control and gained 20lbs. She became estrogen dominant and then lost her cycle. It seemed like the harder she tried the worse it got. She was stressed out and tired. Dealing with all that she decided to commit to our process. But as fate would have it when she started her father died. Can you imagine? How would you respond? What would you do if the cards were down and you lost one of the most important people in your life? Would you break? I think many would quit. Take the easy way out. But not Karissa. I told her to trust me and we would not fail. She hung in there and even though the first phase was rough on her physically and emotionally guess who bit down and did it and now we have some miraculous results . To be apart of a story like this just gives me goosebumps.

I know it’s god at work. You can believe what you want but that’s how we view it here at Nutrition Dynamic. Karissa, if I don’t convey it enough you inspire me and I look to everyone reading this post and ask you. What is your excuse? What is holding you back from a better life? Read this and tell me your reasons? Hope is around the corner. All you have to do is pick up the phone. Down the road we will reveal some of her amazing physical changes, but we keep it straight here, the mental and functional accomplishments are the big thing, they are the hope that drives this process. Karissa thank you for just being you and giving hope to so many others. #createimpact.

Lifestyle Change for Lasting Change
Megan came to Nutrition Dynamic simply looking to lose weight, be held accountable, learn proper nutrition, and have more guidance for working out. In the past she tried "quick fixes" or fad tactics with little results. She experienced irregular bowel movements, constant headaches, and low energy.
We started on an anti-inflammatory protocol to address these issues. Since then we have seen big improvements! She has been eating enough to support her daily lifestyle while continuing to see weight loss and body composition changes. She was excited to start her new journey in fitness and has the support of her sister in the gym with her 💪 Megan, we are so proud of you! Keep up the hard work!!

Balance in Life
The fitness lifestyle, like anything, if we don’t balance it we can find ourselves with negative side effects. That’s why anything with competition, powerlifting, CrossFit, body building, etc. better have an off-season and a balance to it. @carynnicole is finding that balance. Once you’ve competed at the top level it can be hard to not push yourself every single day, or stay in competition mindset all the time, or feel that you always gotta look your best. That constant state of over analyzing and constant judgement just leads to a “never good enough,” mindset, so you’ve got to push more even if your body is showing signs otherwise. It gets really one sided. And when we do an inventory of the past 5 to 8 years we commonly find women make these
3 mistakes.
1) never relax their training and take a “true,” off season
2) constant comparison of themselves to everyone else
3) never go through a “building phase,” by going into caloric surplus and allowing their body time there so it can adapt to a nutritionally saturated environment and actually build some muscle to stay healthy, before the next deficit.
Caryn has been a champ doing all the little and big things I ask even though it’s much different then programs she’s worked in the past. She’s evolving as a person too. Competition is amazing but it can also leave you pretty one dimensional. This is not everyone, but it does happen to the best of us. This is the trickiest part. How do we redefine ourselves with multiple priorities that aren’t just sport and fitness related. People can shrug this off but those of you who read this and struggle know what I’m talking about. Well Caryn should be a glaring example of what that looks like when you step up and step out. Change is always happening, if you thinks your holding on cause you don’t want to, just remember it’s gonna happen anyway... your decision is only to evolving or fall behind. Success and maintaining a process is always difficult but Caryn is finding that middle ground. A great ambassador of the sport but also an example for other women, what change can look like! #createimpact

Mamma of Two
Ashlie came to us with post baby weight that she just couldn't lose. For 2 years she tried spin classes, working out and the typical mom diet, starve yourself because you're so busy and live off coffee ) . Nothing was working.
7 weeks ago we started her on a plan & she has lost 23 pounds and over 10% body fat! Being a healthy working mom of two is not easy, but Ashlie is proof that it can be done! We came up with a menu plan and exercise routine to fit her schedule. We could not be more proud! Congrats, Ashlie!

No Explanation to Solutions
Sam came to us with a few things going on. She had a very sensitive stomach but had never been diagnosed with anything, bloating, estrogen dominance, depression, anxiety and just a really hard time losing the weight. She didn’t eat “that bad” (sound familiar ?!) but she was still gaining weight.
Sam decided she would do whatever it took and kicked butt!! She started her very first workout EVER and worked out every single morning, even on vacation. She meal prepped and weighed her food and didn’t make excuses. Sam kicked BUTT!!!!! Congrats Sam!

More isn't Always Better
Fighting so many challenges at once and still progressing from metabolic damage. Competing can bring out your best but it can also bring out your worst. Adriana is a hard working driven trainer and competitor. Problem is that chronic dieting, over training, and over working herself into a slowed metabolism was a major side effect of going 💯 all the time. Remember when you “push,” your stress hormones go up. This is good in temporary seasons, but when it’s all the time and it goes to extremes with no break your body adapts. Adaptation means leaving excess stress hormones in the body that slows metabolism and leaves the body in a state of “flight or fight,” all the time. Sleep, glycogen stores, anxiety, libido, digestion, sex hormone cycle, carb sensitivity, recovery from workouts, and metabolism all become very dysfunctional. You feel like your body doesn’t work anymore. Like a body that isn’t yours. Depression and feelings of hopelessness creep in when nothing works.
Adriana came to us and it started well but then huge life changes came her way that would have knocked most women down. But not her, she met the challenge and did her best through thick and thin to stick to the process and that’s why we are here. Come hell or high water. Many people come to find that the life they were living needed to have a big change in in order to be successful. Again, most don’t want to deal with the implications. But again Adriana impressed me by changing her life in a big way and the results of a new lifestyle and less stress are paying off big time. Sometimes you just gotta change your life, not just your food and watch your body respond!!! It knows what you need! Great job! Looking forward to even more progress! #createimpact

This Feeling is NOT a life sentance
We often think there’s no other way. That our life is left to exist feeling gray, tired, depressed, and on lots of meds. But what if you just got out of your bodies way and give it what it needs to thrive. What might happen for you?
In a short amount of time she eas able to remove thyroid medication which she was lead to believe would be a life long drug in her body. Also, by working on the gut she was able to remove her acid refulx medication that privously was a must at meals. Great work and dedication!

Being with like minded people can be a Game Changer
Finding your tribe and poeple with the same goals and expirnces can be an amazing driving force in your sucess. Being with poeple who understand what you're going with will create a support network like no other.
One by one the results are in from the @ericafitlove Challenge and they’re outstanding! We were so proud to be apart of this and help out! We are so excited for the upcoming challenge. If you missed the last one, DO NOT miss this one! Your future self will thank you!

Too Much of a Good Thing
High stress, over training and under eating for long periods of your life can make you as sick as people who don’t take care of themselves. At first your body under prolonged over exposure to stress hormones like coffee, life, preworkouts, fat burners, etc creates inflammation and desensitizes insulin receptors. On top of this lots of exposure to sugar substitutes creates a disglycemia as sugars drop then a hyper glycemic when large quantities of carbs are consumed (weekends or having fun ). All this training and stressing depletes glycogen stores so long days of work where people tend to not eat, keeps sugars low and insulin free to hyper convert hormones. If you didn’t know, insulin is key converting hormone to turn progesterone into testosterone or estrogen, leading to estrogen dominance or androgen dominance. This leaves the body watery, loose, and begins to build fat. It also stresses out the thyroid and induces the production of catecholamines like norepinephrine so you stay in a state of “fight or flight”. This over time causes anxiety.
Lauren was there and new something was wrong so we went to work. I asked her to do everything she had been taught not to do. Less training, high carb, lots of sugar, and hmm somehow we ended here?! Great work Lauren!! We’re now working on a cycle, but it’s one step at a time.

Hidden genes
Competition, busy family life, low calorie, low carb lifestyle, has its benefits. But over the coarse of time can create side effects like anxiety, bloating, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and metabolic resistance. In the case of Danielle, by looking at her hormones, gut, genetics, and diet/training history we were able to figure out that her lifestyle triggered a set of genes to express. Long story short you have lots of genetic “snps” Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms that can be triggered to express under long term stress with no period of recovery or stress relief. Studies vary but many studies suggest that either 1 in 4 or 1 in 3 women have the MTHFR, MTRR, COMT gene snps that inhibit the breakdown of stress hormones. Your body gets stress hormone intolerant.
If you’ve noticed many competitors who begin to compete go from busy people to overly anxious, overly “busy,” tense, and can’t settle down. It becomes a lifestyle that leads to less down time, relaxing of stress hormones, and off-seasons from competition. Their minds will won’t let them settle down or stay away from dieting or competition to long and they continuously push it. This is not just “them,” this is typically a set of genes that have kicked on they leave them in a constant state of “flight or fight.” There genes in response to, to much stimuli and stress adapt and express other genes to keep them “alert,” at all times. This is good for a time as I said but then if your body does not go into a relaxed state called parasympathetic function then the balance is thrown off and side effects ensue.
We had a lot to work on with Danielle. From gut tests, blood tests, and genetic tests, with our dietetics department. She wants to be happy, healthy, and sexy. Who doesn’t right? But most of us don’t have the strength to do all the little things daily to have it all. We’re about to start her first cut in 4 months. But we had to balance the body and mind first. There’s not much point to fixing the body and not the mind. Danielle is one of the few willing to grind it out to have not just a body but have it all

Power of the group
Our collaboration of fitness and empowerment programming with @ericafitlove and our 3 step nutritional system was an incredible hit!!! Way better then I could have imagined it. The rate people improved both physical and in their heath together is so rare and I’m proud to be apart of this project. Team work makes the dream work! #createimpac
Being with a group of like minded individuals creates an enviroment to foster success. A group t be able to share ideas and strugles with and just feel like you can share your daily life ups and downs with is something that is vital for success.

All in on your heal
Pituitary Disorders can create massive exhaustion, extreme swelling, metabolic resistance, weight gain, amenorrhea, infertility, and migraines. Pituitary Adenoma is classically caught by elevated cortisol and prolactin levels. Usually a benign tumor on the pituitary that can induce elevated levels of a hormone called prolactin. Interestingly enough up to 17 percent of the population has some form of Pituitary Adenoma. Usually goes undiagnosed unless symptoms arise.
Before Catherine came to us she had really been through it. Serving our country in the military, she started gaining weight with severe headaches and migraines. And then came home to some massive challenges. High stress and mild depression with lots of fatigue, hot flashes, and no period. Back and forth she went on and off medications like imatrex. All the while the weight just kept piling on.
She came to me, looked me in the face and told me I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. And she did just that. I don’t know if it’s the soldier in her or just her own drive to be better but she fought through all the symptoms to stay on track one day at a time. It’s easy to follow a program when you get physical changes everyday to motivate you. But what if your body wasn’t working and you couldn’t get that day to day quick affirmation. What if you had to stick it out and wait it out for your health and then the body would come later. Could you then? Could you hold in the pocket and do the day to day work without constant outward approval. I would argue most reading this could not. Not on their own anyway. It takes a team effort and a strong will. Working in conjunction with what the presiding doctor was prescribing, we were able to get her symptoms down to the point she was able to remove the imatrex and really reduce her prolactin meds.
She may have had doubts at times but she braved it anyway. To see all of her symptoms gone and her body actually changing when nothing was working is a joy I can’t explain. Very proud of her and the work we have done.Thank you for your service to this country and the work you have done here with us. May you get the best out of life.

Regain Control over YOUR life
Marissa is a talented, busy stylist. When she came to me, she wanted to gain control over her hormones and gain control over her metabolism. Marissa and I sat down, we made a plan that would work with her schedule- key!
Micros with macros is my style approach, along with creating a fitness plan that the client enjoys. She’s down some lbs, and some inches as well. She purchased 10 bikinis to wear next week, so I’d say this is a success! We aren’t done- but damn. We are well on our way and she’s happy and confident and therefore we’ve both won!

Ballancing Life
Gail came to us with a no excuse mindset. She is a mother of two, grandmother to 5 and a frequent traveler. She never let that stop her. She didn’t make any excuses and did what she had to, to make it work.
Have you ever meal prepped on the road? It isn’t easy. But Gail did it and the results so far have been outstanding. She is down 33 lbs and 30.5 inches!! She is free of Levothyroxine (after 25 years) and Free of Losartan (after 12 years)
We are so proud of you Gail and can’t wait to see how far you’ll go! You’re truly an inspiration!

Slow and Steady Wins
So proud of client Mindy Kramer. It’s taken us quite some time to get here. Just about 2.5 years but we’re getting there. Slow and steady wins the race.
When Mindy came to me years ago she had extreme fatigue, gut pain, lethargy, mild Antietam, bloating, and couldn’t find the motivation to make the shift. Her metabolism due to her functional state i knew was going to be a bit sluggish. Her first go we helped her with most her functional issues.
She took some time off and came back. We then cut some more fat. During that time she developed some hormonal imbalances that we’ve Be nutritionally supporting and have taught her to macro and she’s taken off ever since. Great job Mindy. Most people never learn they lose lots of weight, gain lots again, and do it over and over. Never slowing down to do it this time for the last time so the results can stay. Proud of you for doing what most don’t have the endurance. One day at a time, then “some day” becomes “today!” #createimpact

Implementing the Key Principles
Very big shout out to @meredith_hale6. Always love seeing my clients continue to push forward with the principles of the program to see what they can achieve.
Meredith came to us tired, overweight, and little run down. We put her through our flush, gut, and macro systems to get her metabolism working great and she has even improved more just a few months after the program. Proof you can cut someone and leave them with a healthy metabolism after the program ends. Great job Meredith!!!!!! #createimpact