Client Success Stories

Mind & Body

She’s probably going to kill me for this but I’ll ask for forgiveness later because her story is not one of a straight line. We’re not all the way there and heck we’ve had set backs along the way. Sometimes programs don’t give you what you want right away but some programs are able to give you just enough of what you “need!” Erin came to us at first with a completely distended gut that made her look pregnant all the time. She had some issues prior to competing and then competing lifestyle and diet just crashed her system. Terrible anxiety and fatigue plagued her. What was worse was the fear. Lots of transition going on in her life with all kinds of opportunity but she was so busy hating her body and fearing change that she couldn’t see all the blessings.
Success Story 9.jpeg
Here is a very pretty, driven, and just a straight out beautiful person that was so caught in the anxiety and over focus on her body that it drove her sad and a little hopeless. Our progress has been good functionally, and her body is changing but we’re still figuring out what’s causing the distention. It’s better but it’s not perfect. She’s working our 12-principle health coaching system more of them mind then of the body. Focusing on principles like mindfulness, acceptance, positivity, and consistency to those principles daily. It had helped her body because her mind is improving and allowing her body to change under less stress. We’re doing gene tests and gut tests to tie it all together but in the mean time we’ve made enough progress to slow down and enjoy her very special day that she deserves. And was able to fit into her wedding dress and look great! She is so committed to the mental game and making improvements even after having bad days. This transformation cannot be summed up in photo form. I’m so proud of her. The biggest fight people will never see on your body or know what it took in your mind. But I know, and I had to let others know to. Because she amazing. And I think you will see that too. Have a wonderful honeymoon and remember to soak all these moments in free of what held you in the past.

Taking Control Back

Andy M killing his program in just 10 weeks. Andy wakes up one day and realized his health was tanking and gut growing. Stress and life as a hardworking family man can make you miss the obvious.
Success Story 8.jpeg
Many of us feel too “tired,” to do anything about it. But Andy took action and it has made all the diff! We jumped his energy back up with your flush protocol and then right into a performance plan.
My man is working hard and in conjunction with the great training programs over MWA Performance it’s a one-two much knock out combination. Great job Andy. More to come!

PCOS Fighter

PCOS is a health condition that affects nearly 10 million women in the world. The exact cause is unknown and it is considered hormonal related. Genetics and environmental factors are believed to be involved in the development of PCOS.
Success Story 10.jpeg
Meet Jackie B. Only 6 weeks into her program based around our 3-step process. Jackie has PCOS which includes Insulin resistance. She’s a fighter. She’s incredibly inspiring and Brave- she’s stronger than herself conscience ways and bravely allowed us to share her journey with you, and her progress in hopes that you, will find the courage to fight for what you deserve. To be in control of your PCOS. Jackie is down 10 lbs and has lost over 24 inches! Jackie is no longer on birth control and is off all medications!

Blood Pressure Down & Physique Up

Keep your head down and move forward till “someday” becomes “today”! Congrats Dan Wingate! Dropped his blood pressure meds in half, no more fatigue, and the aesthetic results are phenomenal in about 3 months.
Success Story 7.jpeg
Danny had some tragedies occur that would make many of us give up. When you become depressed you begin to recede from social engagement, eat more food, engage in many unhealthy lifestyle choices, and then the mounting burden of poor health looks like an unbeatable mountain and it’s at that point you have a choice. Give up or say f@&$ that and take the first step forward, one day at a time, and don’t look back. Don’t allow any excuses, do not give yourself a way out no matter how hard, how convenient, or how understandable that excuse may be. It’s still going to hold you back. Great work brother, proud of you!

PCOS Maintaince and Medication Free!

One of my favorite clients. Meet Tara Reece. Winning the battle against PCOS. Some clients impress you with their will and determination. Tara didn’t just fix her nutrition, she changed her life entirely.
Success Storie 1.jpg
From an early age there were fears that kept her from making change. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of change itself. Most physical problems start with a psychological root. Either a trauma, misbelief, misinformation, or imbalance that leads to, or is aggravated by other functional or genetic factors. At the heart ofevery lifestyle induced disease there are psychological co factors that need to change in order to be fully healed.
If I fix the body but the mind stays the same you will inevitably return to your old lifestyle habits and the condition will return. Syndromes or diseases like PCOS, the only thing that needs to change..... is everything. It’s like learning to live life all over again with new principles, responsibilities, and boundaries.
We’ve had to relearn how to eat, exercise, deal with stress, manage the day to day, set principles in place to prevent a back slide, and to eliminate negative people, places, and things to be apart of more positive environment.
At the core of it all Tara was unhappy with herself. But there was a dragon in there, waiting to come out and do something different. All we had to do was give her the way and she took off with it! Now medication free and feeling great she will handle some of the journey on her own with the principles we have taught her. The battle to beat this syndrome takes a long time. Tara has been with us for close to a year but now it’s on to maintenance in the program and her pushing for self-improvement in her new life one day at a time. I’m very proud of her. She’s a different person and this process will leave an impact on her for the rest of her life and I’m humbled I could be apart of it.

New Spirit = New Clothes
Success Stories 2.jpg
Great team effort with Steve and Dynamic coach Tamesha Calloway.
God love em, but sometimes you have to know when to let GO! Steve Benintendi came to me in January dehydrated, lethargic, uncomfortable at his current weight (5'8", 208) and wearing the pants in the photo. They were tight then! Now, 11.5" lost (5" in just his waistline), 25.5lbs down and 13.6% body fat gone - we're feeling better than ever and ready to move to the next phase. Great job Steve!! Now go shopping!

Flush, Feed & Function to a Better You

Meet our glowing client, Jocelyn Smith- not so glowing when she first came to us. But we both knew she had so much potential and by applying nutrition and lifestyle changes.... we’ll, just look at Jocelyn- results speak volumes!
Success Story 3.jpg
Jocelyn came to our Centerville location. With many of the common symptoms of a driven, high paced woman- a go getter, driven mentality. The fatigue, stomach issues, bloating, water retention, and lack of metabolism had left her frustrated and ready to work. Many women don’t realize but stress hormone cortisol and blood sugar irregularity can cause hormonal imbalance that changes the ph of your gut and skin, bringing on bacteria that cause acne.
She followed and went through our 3 step Flush, Feed, and Function program.
Each program has different activities, workouts, nutritional strategies, stress management techniques, and supplementation. But she is accelerating in every part of her program and we are far ahead of schedule.
She’s able to work long hours and come home and still be productive. No bloating or stomach pain. She’s happier & healthier then she’s been in a long time. And as a trickle down effect, her weight has dropped fast and her skin tone and clarity has changed dramatically. These are just side effects of putting the body back in balance.
It all starts with the core- your internal communication and we at Nutrition Dynamic heal from the inside out. We let the results speak volumes- showcase our success and our clients are thriving as we speak.

With guidnce all is possible

Christina, just like many women wasn't always overweight; But with school, marriage, eating poorly, stress, and maybe a little too much partying it slowly crept up to her till she didn't recognize her body anymore.
Sucess Story 6.jpg
Christina said when she took her first photo she really could see how much she let herself go and was determined to change it.
Starting at 142 she struggled at first. So in our bi-weekly health coaching sessions where we measured her body fat and tailored a menu designed for how her body is changing and what her goals were, we decided to add personal training twice a week and she took off and never looked back.
Congrats Christina, she proves that school, work, and stress can't stop you if you fully invest yourself and make the change.
Here's to a bright and healthy future.