One-on-One Personal Training
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At Nutrition Dynamic we truly take to heart the value that you can Reach your Potential Through Nutrition and Lifestyle Change. This change is not tied down to a particular goal; the change is whatever your own personal goal is. Whether you are looking to lean down and trim fat or bulk up and put on muscle or anywhere in between we are here to help guide you through the muck of miss information out around the world of fitness You will meet with a one of our Trainers for a complimentary session in which you will discuss your goals, your current lifestyle and what has and hasn’t worked in the past. From here you and the trainer will go into a workout tailored to you on the spot to both give you a quality experience but also allow the trainer to see where you are at physically and how to best move forward.
Above all we want you to feel comfortable in the gym and with the trainer which is exactly why we like to offer you a complimentary session. After all you and the trainer will be working closely together to achieve your goals and we want to ensure you feel secure in sharing things with your trainer and creating a solid bond.
All of our training sessions are one-on-one, you won’t be lumped into a large group of people only to receive a fraction of the trainer’s attention. At Nutrition Dynamic its “you and me, through thick and thin, till the sweat hits the floor”. You will get 100% of the trainer’s attention during your time and will be able to contact your trainer outside of the session if you ever need a little extra guidance.
To schedule a complimentary session with one of our trainers or have any questions answered please either send in an injury request here or call the office at 513-484-5546.