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Meet the Dynamic Team!

Vince Pitstick - Founder & CEO


I began as a personal trainer in the medical system over 10 years ago. I worked with patients to achieve their fitness goals. Soon I realized the problem was bigger than just diet, workouts, and motivation. The problem was with the lifestyle and the individual. Thus, Nutrition Dynamic was formed where we believe in Reaching Potential Through Nutrition and Lifestyle Change.

Tamesha Calloway
Director of Health Coaching & Personal Trainer

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While fighting her own battle with weight loss and depression, Tamesha Calloway came to Nutrition Dynamic in search of new beginnings.
First entering the Dynamic family as a member of Team: Alpha and competing in the NPC in Bikini, Tamesha soon saw there was more to the industry than social media had glorified.
Beginning as a personal trainer and becoming quickly intrigued by functional nutrition, Tamesha began studying and working towards changing the lives of those not living on their own terms.
Today, Tamesha thrives as our Director of Health Coaching by continuing to changes lives through nutrition, supplementation, education and accountability.

Rhya Pachin - Health Coach

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Through Rhya’s own family's health struggles with autoimmune disease, celiac disease, ADHD, and multiple food sensitivities, she became interested in the power of nutrition as an adjunct therapy to medical treatment. Rhya completed her Bachelor’s in Biology at Wright State University in Dayton, OH; her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition at Winthrop University; and finally pursued a nutrition license so that she could help others and share what she has learned.

Her primary practice areas are: autoimmune disease, IBS/IBD, PCOS, food sensitivities, and other chronic inflammatory conditions in both adults and children. Rhya has a “functional approach” to nutrition, which means she applies evidence-based nutrition science to support the whole body instead of trying to address a single symptom or system. Rhya is also a certified LEAP therapist dietitian, which means she is trained to design and supervise custom elimination diets.

“Please let me know how I can help you along your journey to optimal health!”

Sally Beiting - Health Coach

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Sally played collegiate soccer, now she enjoys CrossFit and yoga. Sally is a foodie who loves to travel and spend time with friends. Her passion is to help others break through obstacles, fuel their goals, and thrive by adopting lifestyle change and proper nutrition.

Sandy Nance - Health Coach
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Sandy is a registered dietitian with her Master's degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition from Saybrook University. While completing her degree she had the privilege of working with several Integrative Registered Dietitians. It was through them that she was able to witness the true healing power of food and found the inspiration to bring that power into her own practice. She is a true believer in food as medicine and understands the importance of finding a balance between physical and mental health.
For the past few years Sandy has been practicing one-on-one nutrition counseling focusing on weight management, gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune conditions and many other nutrition related issues. Sandy is also a certified LEAP therapist and uses MRT foods sensitivity testing to help her clients achieve their nutrition goals.
In her free time Sandy enjoys hiking, reading and hanging out in the city of Charlotte with her husband and two French bulldog puppies.

Breanna Waldorf - Health Coach


Brenna is a recent university graduate from the University of Alberta, in Canada. She completed a bachelor of science in Human Ecology and Nutrition, and plans on completing a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition in the near future.

Brenna has always had a passion for fitness, nutrition, and health, starting with a 14 year dance career, a love for the gym, and a competitive bodybuilding run. Brenna has been a health coach for three years, and is excited to be coming on as a Nutrition Dynamic coach.

After dealing with her own health issues post bodybuilding competitions, she became extremely motivated to help others with their own metabolic, and overall health. Brenna is excited to help you reach all of your health and wellness goals!

Todd Zody - Health Coach

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Todd Zody, OTR/L, CEP is an Occupational therapist with a background in Exercise Physiology. He is an ACSM certified exercise physiologist and PN1 certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.

As a health and nutrition coach, Todd works with clients to improve their nutrition and lifestyle habits and to create sustainable changes that enhance their health and well-being. Todd has worked for many years as a personal trainer where he specializes in helping clients lose weight, gain strength, and improve their health and vitality. He works closely with clients of all ages, including those with various medical diagnoses.

In returning to school for his graduate work it became evident that Todd belonged on the preventative side of healthcare. Rather than help them manage a chronic problem after the fact, Todd’s passion and purpose lie in helping others prevent and reverse potential chronic conditions through lifestyle and behavior change. Indeed, Todd has been helping others live a healthy lifestyle for years, knowing early in his personal training career that just working out was not enough to solve the complex health issues people are facing. He has since been expanding his understanding of other important factors like nutrition, stress management, sleep, and community.

Todd enjoys meeting new people and helping them find true and lasting health and wellness so that they too may live out their own passion and purpose.

Kristen DeAngelis - Health Coach
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Kristen is a passionate and enthusiastic Registered and Licensed Dietitian, YA Registered Yoga Teacher, ACE Personal Trainer, and Health Coach. Kristen has completed her BS in Nutrition + Dietetics and Exercise + Health Promotion at Virginia Tech University. She completed her dietetic internship at Ingalls Hospital, Chicago IL.

Kristen has worked as the personal Dietitian, for Joe Cross from the hit film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, as well as worked for hundreds of individuals over the past 5 years as a Dietitian working as the lead RD for Tri-Health’s non-surgical weight management program, Kenwood Womens Center for outpatient nutrition, as well as lifestyle and nutrition under her private practice Kristen DeAngelis Wellness, LLC.

Kristen has completed 2, 200 Hr yoga teacher trainings in both Seattle, WA (Iyengar), and Rishikesh, India (Vinyasa/Hatha), Yin/Meditation (Cincinnati, OH), and various intensive trainings under the ashtanga practice throughout the world.
Kristen is now located in Chicago, IL where she continues to teach yoga, provide nutrition consulting for various virtual and local groups, and of course serve as a passionate Health Coach for Nutrition Dynamic.
Kristen is originally from Boston, MA and loves being with family, friends, traveling, running, skiing, meeting new people and having engaging conversations. Her contagious energy and inviting personality allows you to connect deeper to achieve lasting changes for your health. Kristen’s mission is to have a meaningful impact on the health, happiness and vitality of peoples lives using food and lifestyle as medicine.

Cassandra Suarez - Health Coach
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Cassandra Suarez, MS, RDN, LDN, cPT is a Registered Dietitian, ACE-certified personal trainer and Nutrition Communication Specialist who believes food is medicine and healthy food should taste great!

Fueled by her own health struggles and a deep passion for nutrition education, she has held positions in clinical, community, research, and private practice settings, all centered around teaching people how to live healthy and fulfilling lifestyles by getting to the root causes of their health issues. Her nutrition communication experience includes working at Balance Your Life, a healthy lifestyle campaign on the Tufts University undergraduate campus aimed to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors. She has also been featured in Tufts Nutrition Magazine, Tufts Nutrition Letter, Self Magazine, and Reader’s Digest, as well as having several scientific publications. Cassandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science from Wheaton College (IL) and a Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics from Simmons College. She completed her dietetics training at Tufts Medical Center and has a Master of Science in Nutrition Communication from the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy.

Personally, Cassandra loves nothing more than cooking great dinners and exploring new foods. She is originally from Boston, MA, but now resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband. She enjoys Zumba and turbo kick, relaxing poolside, cooking up tasty and nutritious concoctions in the kitchen (including presentation – e.g. cutting rosebuds out of strawberries), and meeting with friends over a steamy cup of tea or thrift store adventure. As a side note, she loves to travel and has visited nine countries, which has given her a new perspective on health and nutrition.

Lauren Hawkey - Health Coach
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Lauren is passionate about all things holistic health, functional medicine, nutrition and fitness. Lauren was led to health coaching after struggling through her own health troubles due to restrictive food habits and overexercising, and through her journey, she found a true calling to help others.

She studied for four years to complete a Bachelor of Health Science, with a double major in nutrition and exercise science. She spent additional time dabbling in naturopathy and pharmacology, learning from incredible teachers and practitioners. Lauren’s speciality and area of interest is based in hormonal and metabolic health, and she is a proud science-nerd who will often have a textbook or research article in-hand! Her mission is to help people live their healthiest, happiest lives, and create a culture and a future that encourages others to live to their fullest potential in every way. Her coaching style aims to support her clients to cultivate a positive relationship with their body, food and activity, helping them to feel empowered, educated and capable of making healthy choices for their own wellbeing.

Braunson Bates - Health Coach & Personal Trainer

B Bates Head Shot.jpg

Braunson Bates holds a associates in nursing. He enjoys all things fitness in and out of the gym. Also, Braunson enjoys being creative in the kitchen to provide healthier options to classic cravings. His main goal is to help people change mentally through physical changes/challenges!

Alan Kleesattel - Health Coach &
Personal Training Manager


Alan is thrilled to be working with Nutrition Dynamic. Proper nutrition and physical fitness became all too important for Alan when he became ill and dropped to 108lbs. It was through Diet, Lifestyle Change and Physical Fitness that he regained his life.

Thanks to positive influences in this area of his life he was shown that he could impact the lives of others just as his was impacted. During this time the idea of ‘Eat for Power’ was formed which he hope to grow under and along side Nutrition Dynamic.

Alan is now able to impact lives across the country and across the globe thanks to Nutrition Dynamic and the innovative approach to Health and Fitness.

Kevin Streets - Personal Trainer


Kevin Streets is a ACE certified Personal trainer born and raised out of Charleston WV with an Associates in Health and Fitness Technology from Cincinnati State.

His passion for fitness came from his own battles with weight when he had to overcome losing 80lbs after weighing 265lbs back in 2013. He suffered from depression, stress and knee injuries. The inner athlete he was back in high school and college was still there but he just didn’t know the correct way to go about nutrition and fitness. He spent 4 years losing the weigh while going to school and learning more about health and fitness.

Kevin has been training for 3 years in the downtown location and has helped many clients achieve their own personal goals!

His style of training is form over function. He works on improving posture, mobility and flexibility to help his clients build a stronger, leaner and healthier body and loves running bootcamps to improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

He trains clients as early as 6am all the way until 9pm. So no excuses are allowed.

Hobbies and interests of Kevin are sports, hiking, drawing and traveling.

Elise Fahringer - Personal Trainer

Elise Head Shot.jpg

Personal trainer, health and wellness advocate. Elise is extremely passionate about being healthy from the inside out.

Baylee Elaine Laban - Personal Trainer


Bailey Elaine Laban is a Personal Trainer who works with professionals of all ages to establish a work/life balance that helps them meet their fitness goals and live their best life.

As a former competitive swimmer, Bailey was a 6x YMCA National Meet Qualifier, 4x USA National Meet Qualifier, 4x Ohio High School State Meet Competitor, 4x recipient of a full Division 1 athletic swim team scholarship to the University of Cincinnati, 4x Big East Scholar Athlete, and capped off a 17 year swimming career by being elected Swim Team Captain at the University of Cincinnati.

After retiring from the pool, she began rebuilding her love of fitness to integrate with her new lifestyle as being a retired athlete, while frequently traveling internationally as an Electrical Engineer at Procter & Gamble.

Bailey believes in helping others develop a work-life-social-fitness balance where the only thing you have to give up, are your excuses .

Tabitha Reynolds - Front End Manager
Tabitha Bio Pic.JPG
Tabitha is our Front End Manager at Nutrition Dynamic she is also in training to be a future Health coach. Out side of Nutrition Dynamic she is a competitive powerlifter working out with the team at Sweat Shop. Previously she was a client of Nutrition Dynamics for 3 years now after dealing with her own health issues which were heavily influenced by stress, over training, and under eating.
Tabitha fully understands what it feels like to be in our clients shoes. She is proud to lead by example that if you take your health into your own hands you can persevere and lead a healthy life.

Brennan Kerchner
Department Assistance & Director of Sales
Brennan Pic Edit 5.jpg
Brennan Kerchner is new to the Nutrition Dynamic Team as of July. He will be working in tandem with all departments within the company to help and grow in any way that he can.
Brennan’s interest in fitness, health and supplementation started when he was 13 years old. He wanted to get bigger, faster and stronger for competitive travel hockey and knew training and eating would help get him there. After he caught the bug; training, eating and supplementation soon became his new love.
He has been involved with the industry since he was old enough to work. Jobs were either in a supplement stores, health food setting, personal training and online coaching. He is also a competitor and has done shows in the Men’s Physique division and will be transitioning to Classic Physique in the 2019 season.
Brennan then tried to veer off and go the corporate route and take a job that was not fitness related and he soon realized that he could not step away from where his true passions were. That is what lead him to teaming up with Nutrition Dynamic, along with Nuethix Formulations.