Intake Forms to Download and Complete
Please return completed forms 24-hours prior to your intake to your coach or

How to Prepare for in-office BIA

- No Caffeine 12 hours prior

- No Alcohol 12 hours prior

- No Strenuous Workouts 24 hours prior

- 4 Hours Fasted Prior to Test (moderate water intake is acceptable during this time)

Your First Intake Session

- Please Plan for a 90-Minute Session

- During this time we will perform the BIA test, Measurements and Weight

- We will go over your Health History

- What life is like for you day to day

- What you have tried in the past

- Immediate and long term goals

- Form a tailor made plan to fit you and accomplish your goals

- Within 48-hours the Coach will send you a detailed plan 

- Within 48-hours the Coach will build out your online check-in system