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Lifestyle • Education • Empowerment • Diet • Supplementation These are the five pillars that make up Nutrition Dynamic.

We are an all-encompassing unit utilizing functional medicine practices to instill Nutrition and Lifestyle Change to help you reach your potential. Utilizing a team of highly skilled Health Coaches, Dieticians, Medical Doctors and Personal Trainers the possibilities are endless when it comes being able to support our clients on their journey to take control of their lives again.

We not only take your symptoms into account but we also take you as an individual into account. We want to know what your daily life is, who you have around, where you are and what you think about. All of this plays a factor into how you uniquely need to navigate your own health and fitness journey.

By taking all of these factors into account we can get to the true root cause of is affecting you. Only addressing the symptoms without addressing the root cause while may work for a period of time will eventually fail you. This is why we dig deep and address the true cause of what is holding you back from reaching your potential. Utilizing functional medicine modalities, we truly take you as an individual into account and address everything from A-Z.

When you work with us you are never alone, you will be with a Health Coach that will be able to help you navigate the waters on your journey and help you sort through the mounds of misinformation that you may come across as you dive into the world of health and fitness.

Lifestyle – Clearly something you have been doing has not been working for you which has led you to us. Our modern day world is unfortunately not conducive to living a life which values self-care. You need to learn the fundamental principles that will allow you to change your daily life to support your goals and reaching your potential. We recognize that this change is not an easy one as it often includes changing life long habits but with time, trust and the guidance we can provide it is all achievable.

Education – The idea that knowledge is power dates back all the way to 1597 and this ideal holds true to this day. While working with our time we will continually educate you throughout the process giving you the power to put the control of your own health and life back into your hands. When you have the knowledge to see the misinformation that has been fostered into society it becomes much easier to see the light on the other side and make the choices that are best for you.

Empowerment – The feeling of empowerment comes in many forms. You will not only feel empowered from the education you receive but also from setting and accomplishing goal after goal. You will find that this feeling of empowerment not only affects your health and fitness journey but also your everyday life. As you begin to see your body and mind go in the direction you have been aiming for possibly years the feeling of pride, confidence and success will deliver you the empowerment you didn’t even know was lacking.

Diet – We as a society have been misled on what a proper diet is and what the word diet alone is; A diet by definition is how you eat, it’s not any type of dogma, macro split, or way of cooking, it is simply how you choose to consume your nutrients. However, our perception of a proper diet to support our goals has been completely broken down and skewed to match a certain criteria or corporate gain that does not take you as an individual into consideration. With the guidance from our team to feel Empowered to trust your education and change your Lifestyle to reach your potential you will naturally adopt a diet that is appropriate for you and you alone.

Supplementation – There are times that diet and lifestyle alone can’t quite complete the journey ahead of us, this is when we pull in additional aids in the form of natural supplementation that has been highly tested and regulated with a background that is self-proving. Everyone needs a little help every now and then which is when supplements come into play. By utilizing the best in the game, we can ensure that what we are calling upon is actually what is going into the body unlike nearly every store-bought supplement.

Our entire team is here to support you through thick and thin. We all know personally what it is like to be in a position that is not what you desire for yourself and how hard the struggle can be to regain control. However, with the help of everyone connected to Nutrition Dynamic there is hope and a promise that you can Reach Your Potential Through Nutrition & Lifestyle Change.