How to Get Started

  • Contact the Nutrition Dynamic Office to schedule your into phone call; view our Contact Us page
  • Our Director of Health Coaching will call you for your intoductory phone session
  • After your phone call please fill out our Intake Paperwork and return before your first Intake Session -Please retrun complete paperwork to either yuor Coach or to the office before your first session
  • Arrive for your session with your Coach at the Nutrtion Dynamic office -or- be preparied for a video or phone call session with your Coach
  • You will end the session with a solid understanding of what is to come and the process going forward The Coach may send you additional information to help you in your health journey
  • The Coach will work with our office to get any supplements togetehr that were disscussed and shipped out to you as soon as possible.
  • The program is now in your hands to execute to the best of your ability; remember we are here for you, always reach out to your Coach and or the office with any question